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Presented by Nick Baker, Camp Director
Nike Peak Performance Summer Swim Camp Chicago, IL

Coach Baker’s Peak Performance Tip of the Week - Backstroke and Freestyle Pull

Peak Performance Swim Camp Backstroke Freestyle Pull

LEAN INTO BACKSTROKE AND FREESTYLE! If you want to move a heavy object, you lean into it or put your body weight into it. Leaning gives you better leverage to push a heavy object. The same concept applies in swimming. Water is extremely heavy, and the best way to move it is by leaning your body into the pulling arm as it enters the water. Using your body weight to assist significantly increases pulling strength in backstroke and freestyle. Swimming flat fails to take advantage of this proven scientific principle.

Learn more from Coach Baker at one of his Peak Performance Swim Camps, located at various locations across the United States and abroad. Teaching, not training, is the first step to swimming excellence. Coach Baker and his PEAK coaches are experts at teaching swimming techniques for beginners. They simplify the material, create an appetite for learning, and boost swimming performance. Give your child the essential skills they need to compete.

About Peak Performance Swim Camp

Olympic Coach Nick Baker, Founder and Head Coach of Peak Performance Swim Camp, is the creator of the PEAK approach. He has conducted more than 500 swim camps and clinics over the past 20 years. Joining Coach Baker on deck is a host of highly qualified coaches with an average of 25 years coaching experience. Many of our coaches have worked with Coach Baker for numerous years and employ his positive coaching philosophy and holistic training approach to competitive swimming.


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