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4 Reasons to Use the Long Hop from the Outfield

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Knowing the distance to the base is important when trying to throw from the outfield. Using a long hop is the best way to ensure the ball will be on target. A long hop is when the ball is throw and lands 10-15 feet away from the intended target. Using a long hop can ensure 4 main things to happen. It is important that the baseball player does not sail the throw but keeps it low.

  1. The ball will be received much faster.
  2. The throw will be more accurate: A ball received closer to the intended target can result in a short hop which is more difficult to handle. There is less time to read the ball after it bounces. The long hop allows the player to adjust to wear the ball is going.
  3. It will help the cut off man: Keeping a throw low allows the cutoff to intercept the ball if needed.
  4. It controls the base runners: Having a ball that sails up high, allows base runners to advance to the next base. With a low thrown ball intended to have a hop, the cutoff man can catch the ball and throw to the nearest base, halting all runners.

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