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How to work with the sun

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The sun can be your worst enemy when on the field. The blinding feeling when looking up to catch a fly ball is never fun. With constant repetition and using the mitt to shield the sun, it can become no problem. The Sun Cone Drill is a great way for baseball players to practice catching pop ups or fly balls in the sun.

  1. With three cones, place them into an L shape. It is up to you how far apart they are to each run. With your mitt, run a route around the cones.
  2. As you run straight to the second cone, another person will be throwing a pop up to you.
  3. As you turn, look for the ball and use your mitt to shade the sun.

Doing this repeatedly on both sides will increase your ability to catch fly balls in the sun. This is a great skill to have when playing on fields that face the sun or playing during sunset.

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