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Presented by Tom Myers, Camp Director
Nike Baseball Camp Westmont College

Baseball Tip: Advice for Beginners

Baseball Tip Advice for Beginners

We asked our Nike Baseball Camp directors to give advice to players starting out in baseball. One common theme that was consistent throughout included learning the fundamentals correctly and doing meaningful repetitions. Playing a new sport for the first time can be intimidating, but you might be surprised by how much fun you have. Check out our different locations and find a Nike Baseball Camp near you!

Tom Myers, camp director at multiple Nike Baseball Camps, describes baseball as “a game of strategy which requires polished individual skill in a team environment.” Big picture, baseball is a team sport but each player on the field needs to have adequate fundamental skills to be successful as a team. These skills include throwing, catching, running, fielding, and hitting. As a young player, it is important to learn how to execute these skills correctly, and then practice the fundamental skill with repetitions. Learning the correct technique is critical because each repetition you do will contribute to forming either good habits or bad habits. If you practice throwing incorrectly, you will develop bad throwing habits that will be difficult to change. Be intentional with each repetition and create good fundamental habits from the beginning.

For any athlete, new or experienced, always be willing to ask questions and learn. Nike Baseball Camps provide a great opportunity for athletes of all abilities to practice fundamental skills and have an amazing time. Take a look at more Nike Baseball tips and improve your game.

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