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Presented by Justin Blood, Camp Director

Baseball Tip: How to properly execute a Pitchout

Pitch out tip

Imagine you are pitching in a tight game and the opponent has a fast baserunner on first who likes to steal. As the pitcher, you could try to pickoff the baserunner by throwing to first, or if the situation calls for it, you may try a pitchout. A pitchout is a called pitch outside the strike zone when you think the baserunner will steal, and the goal is to put your catcher in a good position to throw out the opponent at second base. Join Nike Baseball Camps this summer to learn about different situations that may come about during baseball season. In this drill, Justin Blood Head Coach at the University of Hartford will detail how to execute this in-game pitch effectively, and how to properly prepare for it.

Just like any other skill in baseball, executing a pitchout requires practice. Pitchers and catchers should work together to build chemistry and understand what the other needs for this situation to be successful. Take a look at more baseball tips and get excited about next season!

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