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Presented by Tom Myers, Camp Director
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Baseball Tip: 3 Simple Drills to Elevate Your Game at Home

Baseball at home tip

Baseball practice with your team is so important. Practice is where baseball players improve fundamentals and build chemistry with their teammates. Many coaches wish there were more hours in a day to be dedicated to baseball. As a player, you have an opportunity to do additional work at home which will surely benefit you on the field. Consistently investing a few minutes each day toward baseball related activities will contribute to improvement over time. Try out these drills at home and find a Nike Baseball Camp near you to showcase your skills and have fun this summer!

Wall Drills: All players will benefit from this drill, especially infielders. You will need some type of ball and a glove (no glove works also). Find someplace inside or outside your home that has an open wall and stand far enough away so you’re comfortable. You will then throw the ball against the wall and practice a variety of different ground balls. This drill is an easy and effective way to practice your fielding while alone.

Mirror Drills: All you need is a mirror. Some of the best learning can happen by watching a movement, rather than listening to a description. Watch yourself in the mirror and go through your throwing motion. Notice both the positive aspects and also the areas you need to work on. Do the same with your baseball swing. Repetition and muscle memory are key in baseball, and watching yourself do fundamental movements in a mirror is a great way to get reps in.

Visualization: Visualization is hugely important when it comes to success in baseball. While at home, take a few minutes to sit or lay in a quiet area and think about yourself playing baseball. Go through different game situations and consider multiple potential outcomes. You could think about a pitch during a pressure situation or you could think about stealing second base against your rival team. Whatever it may be, it’s valuable to see yourself in various situations, so when the time comes in real-life, you are prepared for anything.

While there is no substitute for practicing with your team, these drills can ensure you are at the top of your game. Check out more baseball tips and join Nike Baseball Camps next summer!

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