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2 drills to practice fielding techniques indoors

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Can’t make it to a field or don't have a backyard? Use a mirror to watch fielding techniques. These 2 drills can provide baseball players an opportunity to work on defensive skills indoors.

Drill 1:

Pretend that someone is hitting a grounder to you. Go through your motions slowly. Get down on the ball, watch it in your glove, and come up throwing. It is important that you make sure to watch yourself to see any small adjustments you need to make.

Drill 2:

You can also use a sock as a ball by scrunching it up. Make an X on the mirror as your intended target. Go through the motions again and watch yourself throwing the ball to the X. Watch your arm, notice if you are coming across sideways. If so, adjust your stance and make sure to come across the top. Simply practicing at home can help improve your technique in live games and ensure you make the play.

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