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Nike Basketball Camp - Rip Through, One Bounce, Dribble Layup

Being able to create separation from your defender while in a triple threat position on offense is such a huge part of basketball. The more separation you can create from the defender, the easier it will be to score. The goal of this drill is to teach the offensive player how to create the best shot for themselves when they receive the ball out on the wing. Check out this simple, yet very effective drill from Nike Basketball Camp Coach, Lee Miller that are commonly taught at his summer camps.

For this drill, players will start on the wing, a few steps outside the paint. Starting with the ball at their inside hip in the triple threat position, players will rip the ball to their outside (opposite) knee, step and take one dribble at the same time, and go up for a layup. For the first few times, players should do this with no defender so they can get a feel for the move, but eventually, adding a defender would be beneficial to simulate game situations. Also, as the player keeps doing the drill, have them start a little further back to challenge them.

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