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Presented by Cam Dailey, Camp Director
Nike Basketball Camp EHB Basketball Club Alpharetta

Nike Basketball Camp - Elite Elbow One on One Drill

One of the most common plays in basketball is the screen. Screens help offensive players get separation from their defender, and in some cases, force the defense to switch defenders, creating a mismatch on the offensive end. The goal of this drill is to teach offensive players how to read the defender coming off the screen. They can either elect to go for the jump shot or driving around the defender to the hoop. Here is a drill you can incorporate into your practices and that is commonly taught at our Nike Basketball Camps.

This drill focuses on the offensive player and helps the player make better reads when coming off a screen at the elbow. For this drill, there will be two lines of players starting at the top of the key, one offensive and one defensive. Both players will run to the baseline and the offensive player will pop out to the nearside wing, whereas the defensive player will attempt to close out at an angle. The goal here is for the offensive player to recognize how the defensive player is closing out: if they are over aggressive and are right in your face, drive around them and go to the bucket or if they lay off once you get the ball at the wing, take the open shot. Being able to read the defender coming off a screen will really enable you to get the best overall shot each possession.

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