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Field Hockey Acceleration Drill: Foxes and Farmers

Field Hockey Drill Foxes Farmers

Field hockey players at camp enjoy fun games that will improve on the field hockey techniques and skills.

This classic field hockey drill is great for warm-ups and for working on acceleration and speed. It ensures players keep moving the entire time, and limits players ability to stand around. Players will have to change speed, direction, and avoid the farmer(s)! This is a fun and competitive game for beginner and intermediate players and is commonly used at our Nike Field Hockey Camps.

The Goal: The goal of the game is to be the last standing fox and to warm-up players in a fun and engaging way.

The Set Up: To set up this drill, line an area with cones. During the drill all players must stay in this coned area.

The players are the foxes and the coach is the farmer.

To start the drill, every player will have a handkerchief or flag around their waist. The farmer’s goal is to take the flag away from the foxes, making them a farmer. Once a fox loses their flag or leaves the coned area, they will become a farmer, and they will start taking flags from the foxes.

How to win: The winner of the game is the last standing fox. This game can be played multiple rounds and is a great way to get your young field hockey players moving!

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