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The History of Field Hockey

History of Field Hockey

Field Hockey players will learn both on and off the turf during their experience at our field hockey camps.

Field Hockey is thought to be one of the oldest games played with a ball and stick. Although the modern day game originated in England, the sport has evolved into world wide competition. As the sport continues to grow within the United States, many don't know some of the basic history of the beloved game of field hockey. At Nike Field Hockey Camps, we want our athletes to be knowledgeable both on and off the field about the game!

World Recognition

Field Hockey entered the world stage at the 1908 Summer Olympic Games in London. Only 6 male teams participated in these Olympics. The women's game was not introduced in the Olympics until the 1980's. Although the women's competition was introduced years later, the Olympic Field Hockey competition remains high. More recently in the 2016 Olympics, Great Britain defeated the Netherlands in a penalty shoot out for the gold medal.

United States Field Hockey
In 1901, Constance Applebee brought field hockey to the United States. Initially, the game was just played by women in the United States but now is also played by men. Applebee formed the United States Field Hockey Association in 1922 to lead and organize the sport for women. A few years later, a replicate organization was formed for the men's game.

Modern Day Field Hockey
Field Hockey is a growing sport across the United States. Youth across the country can begin playing on organized teams as early as 8 years old. As recreational play continue to grow so does the competition at the elite levels. Organized clubs, college teams and USA National Team continue to be leaders on the field for domestic growth.

Here at our field hockey camps in California, we have coaches that are trailblazers in the sport. Coach Shellie Onstead has not only been a successful coach at the DI level, but also brings a lengthy resume of coaching experience to the field. In addition to leading the Bears to success, Coach Onstead was formally an assistant coach on the 2008 National Team. Her list accomplishments both as a player and a coach is amongst some of the top coaches in the industry. Field hockey players on the West Coast are encouraged to come and experience elite level coaching at our field hockey camps in California.

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