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Warm Up Routines for Field Hockey Players

Field Hockey Player Warm Up

Players will learn various warm up drills at camp to use at their next field hockey game!

Anytime you're getting ready to head out onto the field, it's important that you warm up your body properly. Not only will your body feel more prepared for an intense field hockey game, but you will be less likely to injury yourself. At our Nike Field Hockey Camps, our coaches ensure each camper is warmed up properly before beginning an action pack day. Check out some of the field hockey warm up tips below used at our summer camps.

1. Warm Up Laps - It is important to get warmed up slowly. Field hockey players should never rush onto the field and start off with any sprints. This can cause injuries if your body is not properly warmed up. Start your practice or game day warm up with laps around the field. As you begin to get warmer, pick up your speed.

2. Dynamic Stretching - Warming up with strategic stretching is a vital aspect of game preparation. The dynamic stretching exercises you choose should warm up the muscles you’ll be using throughout the course of the game. Due to the high intensity level of a field hockey, you should also avoid static stretching. Static stretching prior to a game will be less effective then various dynamic stretches.

3. Game Movement - By the end of your warm up, your body should feel prepared to play. At this point in your warmup, you should be participating in game like drills. Team competition drills are a great way to end your warm up. Not only will your body be prepared but also your mind and end energy!

Warm ups are vital to any successful practice, training, or game. Ali McEvoy, a coach at our field hockey camp in Pennsylvania, emphasizes the importance of skill repetition. If your warm up includes game movements, your muscle memory will kick in when you become mentally fatigued. Find a warm up routine that works for you and use it at your next game or field hockey camp!

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