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Tips to Improve Your Field Hockey Goal Scoring

Improve Goal Scoring

Scoring a goal is always a thrilling feeling, whether you’re in the middle of a game or honing your skills at summer field hockey camp. Field Hockey games are low in scoring, so the likelihood of each player scoring a goal is low. To help increase your chances of scoring more goals, use these four tips recommended by Nike Field Hockey Camp Directors.

Tip #1 Composure

Athletes should always remain completely focused while competing in a game. The pressure of scoring a goal should not weigh on you throughout the entire game. Focus on the task in front of you and being a great teammate on and off the field. Field hockey players who are able to stay calm as well as read and react to defenses are more likely to score.

Tip #2 Use Deception

The ideally scoring situation does not come along very often throughout the course of a game. Elite field hockey scorers create opportunities for themselves and their teammates. Faking out another player or goalie can make the opportunity to score a lot easier!

Tip #3 Scoring Range

High-level forwards have the ability to shoot from a range of distances. For short range shots close to the goal, a hard push or flick can do the trick. Longer shots require more power to travel the distance. It is critical to practice shooting goals from various angles and distances using the different shooting skills.

Tip #4 Video Analysis

Reviewing game footage is important to correct and improve any aspect of your game. Watching game tape allows you to see the field from a different vantage point. This can make it easier to analyze how well you did in a game. After reviewing your previous games, you can take that knowledge to help you practice scoring goals on the field hockey turf.

Use this guide to help improve your shooting and score a game winning goal.

Read more helpful field hockey tips and find a Nike Field Hockey Camp this summer to help improve your game to the next level.

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