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Field Hockey Attack Concepts and Skills

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Part of the process of getting better involves knowing the areas that need improvement. Below is a list of qualities that USA Field Hockey uses to define a great attacker. Campers can use these tips to critically think about where they want to improve before attending camp. 

Attack Skills

  • Deception and speed of shot.
  • Constant movement off ball, creativeness, making things happen, use of width and depth.
  • 1v1 attack skills - drawing defense, deceiving, spinning, speed change, control.
  • Shooting - aggressiveness and urgency towards goal, ability to shoot off both legs.
  • Threatening penetration success - effectiveness in getting behind defense.

Attack Concepts

  • Creative use of space, width, and depth.
  • Recognize 2 v 1 opportunity.
  • Off ball movement.
  • Ball penetration success.
  • Understanding offense roles of players
  • Transition abilities from attack to defense. 
  • Changes of speed and direction with both ball and food speed.

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