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Three Speeds of a Field Hockey Player

field hockey tip

Every camper should have a good warm up before a practice, game, or camp!

An effective field hockey player uses change of speed throughout the course of a game. Using a variety of speeds to beat your opponent is important in a high level athlete. Elite level athletes possess a high degree of all three speeds and know how to use them efficiently. At Nike Field Hockey Camps, players are taught the important of this skill and how to practice these skills at home!

Speed #1

Speed of foot/hand: This is overall quickness, explosive power, speed over a short or long distance, and agility of foot and speed of hand

Bonus! Your physical speed can be improved by focusing on your running mechanics. Increasing your stride lengths and minimizing the number of steps you take when changing directions is one way to quickly improve your speed.

Speed #2

Speed of ball: This is the ability to quickly move the ball on the stick, maintaining possession, receiving, and passing quickly and effectively. These are an athlete’s hockey skills.

Speed #3

Speed of thought: The ability to think an react to all situations as they arise. The quick and controlled responses to the when, where and why of ball and player movement. Speed of thought is the ability to react quickly through anticipation, deception, clue reading, visual skills, and the use of width and depth.

Field hockey players should remain focused on their skill development. Take a look at more field hockey tips to improve your game.

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