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6 Tips to Properly Prepare for Field Hockey Preseason

How To Prepare For Field Hockey Preseason

The offseason is a very important time for field hockey players to improve their endurance for the upcoming season. Practicing technique drills, attending summer field hockey camps, and getting reps in, are a few ways to improve field hockey fundamentals. These 6 tips are just some of the many things you should be doing in the preseason.

Give yourself Plenty of Time:

It is important that you give yourself plenty of time before your season to work on all aspects of the game. Create a game plan for you to follow and keep you accountable. Having time means you can set goals for strength, stick work, and conditioning. Participating in a workout program will prepare you both physically and mentally. Field hockey players that return to season out of shape will spend more time trying to physically catch up to their teammates and less time focused on game prep.

Ease Your Way into things

We all know that right after your competitive field hockey season, taking a break and relaxing is a must. Once you are ready to get back on the field it is wise to ease your way back into the hard passes, long training days, and intensive drill work. Your body needs to work itself up to the endurance level you had during field hockey season. It is important that you listen to your body and do not push yourself too hard during your first couple weeks of training.

Have a Plan

Before you begin, it is important that you have a plan that outlines specific goals you want to accomplish this offseason. Create a plan that specifically outlines conditioning workouts, skill work, and other training ideas that you want to improve on for the 2021 field hockey season. Building a strong plan will allow you maximize your training time. Knowing what you are going to do beforehand will allow you to focus and work hard during your drills.

Watch Videos

Study the game through a different lens. Watch game film, talk to former players, pretend you are a coach and think about what feedback you may give athletes or coach a younger team. There are so many opportunities to watch field hockey on YouTube and other online platforms. Video analysis will help you improve visual awareness and show a player where to move to get into better positions and angles for shooting.

Stick Work

Get touches on the ball and try to practice on your fundamentals. Players with a strong foundation are able to excel at more advanced drills quicker. This will help you become better when your team practice begins. Ask your teammates to train with you. With their help, both of you can work on a lot of 1v1 training, goalie training, and shooting.


It is important the you have good endurance when your field hockey season starts back up. Some great exercise ideas could be going on long and short runs with or without your stick, doing sprint interval workouts, and working on stick & ball sprints. Try to run at least 25-30 minutes a day. Having a support group or a teammate to condition with you pushes you to work harder.

Bonus Tips

The off season is time for athletes to improve their game and push their workouts to a higher level. Although players are encouraged to work hard in the off season, it is important to remember a balanced work out regime. High intensity training 7 days a week is not a strategy field hockey players should take when prepping in the off season. Including 1-2 rest days a week for your body is important to help your muscles recover!

Use this helpful guide to train for your upcoming field hockey season.

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