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Presented by Jeff Ritter, Nike Golf Camp National Director

3 Steps to Hitting a Great Bunker Shot

Jeff Ritter Greenside Bunker Shot

Bunker play can be intimidating and tricky at times, especially for a new golfer. Knowing how to approach the sand and having the right technique is key. Creating shots that are high, soft and spinning take practice, but with these three simple checks from National Director of Instruction, Jeff Ritter, you will be playing like your favorite professionals in no time!

Three Step Face Check

1: Pre-Swing Face Check

Take your setup with a square and wide stance with the ball forward towards your front heel. Imagine that your club is a mirror and rotate the club face open. If you can see your reflection in the club, you have enough loft in the address position to continue with your shot.

Step 2: In-Swing Face Check

Swing the club into your backswing over your trail shoulder and hold that position. Check the club face again. If you can see your reflection in the mirror at this point, you have maintained the loft in your backswing.

Step 3: Final Face Check

Finally, finish your swing and hold at the top. If you have done this technique correctly, you should be able to see your reflection in the club face at the top of your follow-through.

The open club face allows for you to see your reflection throughout your swing, which creates bounce on the ball and ultimately gets the ball up and out with ease. The bounce also protects the club from excessive digging in the sand. Skillful and admirable bunker play is about technique and attitude, you always want to be able to swing with freedom and confidence, regardless of the challenge you are presented with. Incorporate these three checks in your game play and next time you are faced with a bunker, trust your face check steps to help you succeed.

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