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Golf Tip: Four Tips to Master Golf Course Etiquette

Golf Tip Etiquette

Proper golf etiquette can make or break your experience while playing a round. If you are an experienced player or are just starting out, these expectations out on the course will allow you to make a great impression on those around you. Use these tips below to understand the proper etiquette to succeed during your round. If you enjoy reading tips like these, check out our Nike Junior Golf Camps!

Tip #1 – Silence is Key:

Golf is a relatively quiet sport. Loud noises and distractions can drastically affect the outcome of the game. When somebody is about to hit, make sure to stay still and be careful not to make any noise. Distracting sounds and interruptions can mess up someone’s swing. Make sure to stay off your phone and always be aware when others are hitting. This will make sure that everyone is having a fun experience out on the course.

Tip #2 – Maintaining the Course:

Try to leave the course in the same condition you found it in. Replace your divots by either using a tee or tool to fill in the edges, or filling in the divot with the soil mixture provided in your cart. If your ball lands in the bunker, try to leave the least amount of tracks while in the sand, and you can always rake the area you played from.

Tip #3 – Avoid Slow Play:

If your group is not keeping up with the pace of play, there are a couple things you can do to avoid slowing everyone behind you. For starters, allowing groups to play through will help continue the speed of play if the group seems to be routinely waiting on you to finish your hole. Second, trying to walk or find your ball quickly without stalling will help increase play speed. Lastly, try not to take more than a minute to get your club, and make your shot. These will all help the speed of play and to keep the game moving for every group out on the course.

Tip #4 – Where to Stand:

When it is not your turn to swing, be sure to stand far enough behind whoever is hitting. Being in their line of sight gives potential to be a distraction for the person. On the green, make sure to also watch your shadow and try to be as still as possible to avoid any possible distraction.

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