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Golf Tip: How to Chip Consistently

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When practicing at the driving range, it can be easy to only practice with your driver or larger clubs. Ignoring your short game shots could be the reason you still struggle and shoot inconsistent scores. If you start practicing with your smaller clubs, you will finally have the confidence and skills to shoot lower scores. Start by using these tips next time at the driving range.

Consistent chipping starts with a consistent grip. Understanding the proper hand placement starts with choking up slightly on the club, pushing your hands further down the club handle. For most people, this is 4 inches lower than their normal grip. Next, it is time to focus on your feet positioning. Stand with your feet closer to the ball, and especially close to the tips of your shoes. Allowing the ball to be closer will shorten your swing path, and give you more stability. Finally, when chipping put slightly more weight on your front foot. Now it’s time to focus on your swing, which should be controlled. Don’t over swing, and focus on solid contact with the ball.

When chipping, your shot should fundamentally be different. Don’t swing with your arms, but rather use the rotational force of swinging your body, and have the club follow. Your wrist should stay in the same spot, and stay in a fixed position. Any slight movement will create inconsistencies in your swing. Remember the importance of practice swings too. A natural swing is crucial when chipping, and a fluid motion can be perfected during your practice swings. Allow your arms to swing freely on your swing path, and remember to follow through into that hero pose in your after swing.

Lastly, you should focus on sweeping the grass. The difference between striking the ball directly, and gently sweeping the grass is huge. When the ball is struck directly, it can create a line drive shot and overshoot your target. When you sweep the grass, the ball will pop up, and allow for more dynamic shots. More advanced golfers will slightly change their technique to add backspin, or hit the ball extremely high. Before you master those tougher shots, you need to dial in your standard chip and be extremely consistent.

Overall, chipping can make or break your golf round. The most important factor for new golfers is understanding how to chip consistently, and which club you are most comfortable with. Make a conscious effort at the driving range to work through chipping shots and slowly make your way to the neutral swing. Give yourself 15-20 minutes on the range and take the first tee with confidence.

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