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Presented by Jentry Barton, National Director of Fitness

National Director of Fitness for Nike Junior Golf Camps, Jentry Barton - Fitness and Nutrition Tips to Improve Your Golf Game

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Nike Junior Golf Camps introduces its newest team member, Jentry Barton, National Director of Fitness. Jentry meets with our podcast host and National Director of Instruction, Jeff Ritter, to discuss the importance of activating fitness and nutrition regimens with junior golfers. Forcing great habits at a young age not only creates more immediate results but also prepares junior players for future success and injury prevention.

The biggest misconception within health and fitness in golf is that it's unnecessary because people still believe that golf is a game, not a sport. But being well-rounded in your strength and athletic approach, can set your child up for much greater success in golf down the line. Trying other sports is a great thing for young golfers!

Building an assessment protocol with your child is crucial to giving a junior golfer actionable goals. If the junior understands the goal and the milestones, they can work with a purpose.

Jentry details her strategies with junior golfers and breaks down her steps to success. Jeff and Jentry discuss the more modern priority of club head speed and stress caution to parents in their methods for developing strength. There are some great tools for young golfers to improve their distance, but not all are a great choice for each young player. It's important to get the opinion of a professional who knows the junior and understands their physical development.

Proper warm-ups and a wholesome approach to strength training is necessary to insure health and safety. The team also discusses nutrition and pre-round preparations. "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." They speak about hydration and proper meals to eat before a long tournament, and what nutritional items are best for your pre-round/pre-practice routine.

Work directly with Jeff Ritter and Jentry Barton this summer and sign up for Nike Advanced Junior Golf Camps, Monterey Peninsula.

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