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Presented by Jeff Ritter, Nike Golf Camp National Director

How to Develop Your Best Post-Round Golf Routine

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You have probably heard of the pre-round routines and of course the pre-shot routines, but one of the routines that most people don’t even consider, is what we call a post-round routine. What can you do after your round to stay excited about the game? How can you make sure that what you are doing between this round and the next one is going to be helpful?

Your post-round routine has two basic elements. You always want to start with acknowledging something that was exciting or something that you did well during that round. One thing we know about golfers as they transition from junior, to collegiate, to adult golfers is that they start becoming increasingly negative over time.

As we look at players older than us, we see them walk off the 18th hole and when someone asks them, “How did it go? What did you shoot?” Very often they say, “If only I didn't double that 17th hole I would have shot a decent score,” or “I'm just really not on my game.” It’s always negative and the thing is, this happens because people start to put their self-worth into their golf score.

The first thing I want you to do, always, is right when you walk off the 18th green, give yourself a pat on the back for something that went well. Maybe you hit a super long drive on the 15th hole or you stayed within your mental approach and you didn't get frustrated out there. Maybe you hit a birdie on #5 or a long snaking putt on a #7. Even if it was not a positive round overall, just acknowledge one thing that you did well.

Following that, I want you to ask yourself, “What was the lesson from today's round?” Every round contains a lesson. Maybe the lesson is that you need to work on your short putting, or maybe the lesson is that your bunker game could use an upgrade. Regardless of what it is, that lesson is going to be what you are going to focus on during your next practice session. Practicing the things you are good at is fun, however, if you do not spend time on the aspects of your game that need improving, you are not going to get any better.

Number One
: Acknowledge something that went well.

Number Two: Ask yourself what the lesson was and use that lesson during your next practice session.

If you can start incorporating this post-round routine into your game, it will be one of the best things you can do to shoot lower scores and enhance your overall game.

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