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Golf Tip: How to Read the Greens

Top Image How to Read the Greens

Learning how to read the greens is not difficult, but requires practice. Taking the time to study the greens from various angles will create a higher chance of success with a single stroke. Use these strategies below to help strengthen your understanding of the greens, and hit your best stroke. If you enjoy reading tips like these, check out our Nike Junior Golf Camps!

Tip #1 - Gauge the Slope of the Green:

No green is perfectly flat. Is the green uphill, downhill, or a little bit of both? Any type of slope will change the speed, and often the trajectory of the ball. Take a look at the green and gauge the overall direction of the slope.

Tip #2 - Take A Look Around Your Putt:

The read around your ball will be the most important one. Take a moment to walk and feel the slope with your feet. As you pace it out, it gives you a feel of what the ground is doing, rather than just seeing it with your eyes.

Tip #3 - Determine the Slope Around the Hole:

The last stretch of green before the hole has the most impact on your ball. Imagine pouring water into the hole and it is overflowing, which direction would the water flow? This will give you an idea of where the direction of the ball will go.

Tip #4 - Visualize the Path of the Ball:

Take a moment to visualize the path in which your ball will travel. The more you run through how the ball will perform when traveling the green, the more challenges and problems you can find and learn to fix.

Tip #5 - Every Single Putt is Straight:

Good job! All the hard work is done, now it is time to put it into action! It is critical to make a committed and confident putting stroke, never second guess your reading. The more confidence you have on the putting green, the more you will see results!

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