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Presented by Jeff Ritter, Nike Golf Camp National Director

Staying Loose During Your Swing

Pebble Beach Nike Golf Camp Jeff Ritter

One of the most important elements of good shot making sure you stay loose and athletic over the golf ball. The big problem related to this happens when we spend a short amount of time connecting with the target, and a long period of time looking at the ball.

When we stare at the golf ball our muscles tense up, and get tight, which forces you to lose the natural flow your swing. To help with this here is an exercise to practice. Take this idea you were using before and flip it around so that you spend a lot of time looking where you are going to hit the ball, followed by a short look at the ball.

While you are looking at the target stay relaxed and in motion. You can do this by swinging the club head back and forth, moving your hands and your arms, even adjusting your foot position.

Once you feel locked in on the target take a short look down at the ball, position your club head down and swing away. The key is to stay relaxed, lose, and confident.

Add this to your pre-shot routine and watch your shots go where you want them to!

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