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Presented by Greg Ehlert, Camp Director
Nike Junior Golf Camps, Encinitas Ranch Golf Course

How Body Rotation Leads to Better Impact

Premier Golf Academy Simulator

At our camps we find that some students have poor impact position when striking the ball. Often when I see this their wrist will be twisting upon impact. This leads to inconsistent shots. The ideal position for striking the ball is leading with your hands during impact. Your hips should be turning towards the ball. This is led by upper body rotation, then transferring into lower body torque from your legs and hips as they turn.

To help open your hips and lead with your hands put a golf club perpendicular to your shoulders. Make a turn with your upper body simulating your back swing, and then swing down simulating your swing. Focus on turning your hips downrange, and the having the club face trail behind your hips. The ideal end position will have your hips open towards your target and your club face square to the ball at impact.

Another tip to ensure your hands will be leading your club is to angle your trailing arm and club shaft. This can be seen across many sports, including baseball, tennis, or any other swinging sport. Angling your trailing arm will allow you to apply more pressure while swinging, therefore hitting the ball further. The ideal position will have the club shaft leaning forward upon impact.

Once you have practiced this movement and it becomes natural then move onto incorporating this into your golf swing. The muscle memory will only improve over time, so do not be discouraged if it does not feel nature at first. Working to improve your impact position will increase your accuracy and distance. For more tips and drills from Greg Elhert you can attend our Nike Premier Golf Academy in San Diego!

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