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What Golf Clubs to Buy Your Child – A Guide for Beginners

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A frequently asked question we received here at Nike Junior Golf Camps is “what golf clubs should we purchase for our camper?”. Depending on how advanced your golfer is, this can depend. From hitting your first drive to competing in tournaments, this guide has you covered.

As a beginner to the game, it can be tough to decide between renting or purchasing a set. At Nike Junior Golf Camps, we recommend campers have at least a driver, putter, 7 iron, sand wedge and pitching wedge. Used equipment is a great place to start if you have a secondhand sporting goods store in your area.

Renting clubs is a great alternative for a week of camp if you are new to golf. Clubs can typically be rented through the pro shop at the golf course, but at times, availability and selection can be slim. Renting is perfect for someone who is brand new to golf, and unsure of their passion for the game. Unfortunately, this can be difficult as sometimes you will have a variety of equipment. In golf, the connection between you and your clubs is vital. Switching to new clubs every day can be difficult.

The next level is buying a beginner set. This is recommended for beginners and intermediate golfers. An inexpensive set of youth golf clubs is priced between $130 to $150, and this will provide a beginner with almost everything they need to play a full round of golf. An example of an in expensive set would include the golf bag, a range of 7-9 clubs. This roughly consists of a driver, set of irons, putter and two wedges.

A beginner set will satisfy the needs of most new golfers, but those who become committed can start buying more advanced clubs as they improve. As you become a seasoned golfer you will acquire a vast range of golf clubs, but it is important to know what you can and cannot use on the course.

If you decided to ever compete in competitive tournaments, you are limited to 14 clubs in your bag. If you are new to the game and unsure of your passion, we would recommend buying clubs at a second-hand store or to rent. If you are a committed beginner, we recommend buying a full set. As you become a more advanced golfer you should start buying nicer golf clubs tailored to your swing and comfort.

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