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Finish your Race Strong with these Nike Running Tips

Finish Race Strong Tip

As many runners will tell you the end of a race can be a grind, but it is the latter half of your race that will make or break your overall performance. Here are some tips to help you cross the finish line strong and increase your times.

1. Negative Splits

As you train practice running a faster second half of your race than your first. Usually the first leg of a race tends to be faster than the second. At the start of the race your body is fresh and toward the end your muscles and mind become fatigued. However, training habits where your second half is faster than your first half can increase your second half stamina on race day.

2. Target other runners

When you are approaching the end of the race and your energy is low look ahead toward other runners. When you focus on a runner ahead of you and tell yourself you will catch up to them your pace can increase. Focus on the target and tell yourself “I can do this!” Positive self-talk is critical to a strong finish and strong performance.

3. Mentally push yourself to find that next gear

Mentally everything in your body and mind will be telling you to slow down. It is at this moment that you need to overcome this uncomfortable feeling. Your body will be tired, but it is up to you and your mind to convince yourself that you have another gear that can push you to the finish line. 

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