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10 Tips for Strikers to Score More Goals

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Scoring goals is not easy. There are so many different ways to score and they all require different technique and skill. Follow these tips to help improve your ability to score and find a Nike Soccer Camp near you to practice these tips with top-class coaches!

  1. Find small windows or open spaces to take a shot. You don’t need a large amount of open space to score. Get your shot off when you can as you might score from a deflection. Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity, take what you can!
  2. Read the game and anticipate where the ball is going. The best strikers know where to be before the ball gets there. Constantly scan the field and anticipate where the ball is going so you can get there at the right time.
  3. Follow up shots. So many goals are scored from rebounds. Learn to follow up every shot so it becomes a habit.
  4. Close defenders down and force them to put their heads down. When defenders are put under pressure they often make mistakes. These mistakes will lead to you scoring more goals.
  5. Develop the ability to hit the ball with all parts of both feet. There are going to be many times when you have an opportunity to shoot with your weaker foot. Train both feet so you are ready for these moments!
  6. Learn to redirect the ball. Before the ball comes to you, be ready to shoot by adjusting your body and position. Turn your hips and shoulders to face where you're aiming to hit the ball on goal.
  7. Slot the ball past the keeper, don't over hit it. When close to goal placement is always more important than power. Take power off of your shot and focus on simply passing into the corner.
  8. Freeze the keeper with a fake shot. When you’re on a 1v1 with the goalkeeper, a fake shot or move can freeze them so you can dribble around them.
  9. Practice your heading technique. Get a friend to throw or cross a ball so you can practice your heading technique. Work on jumping high and heading the ball firmly down towards the goal line.
  10. Find a wall to work on striking the ball with both feet. Use your laces to strike the ball against the wall as if you are shooting. Hours of practice like this will help your overall technique.

Don't forget that scoring goals is fun! Stress and anxiety will only negatively affect your technique so make sure you are relaxed when practicing and playing in games. Believe in yourself and keep practicing!

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