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3 pointers to developing a strike zone

Softball Strike Zone

Understanding where a standard strike zone should be is beneficial when eyeing balls and strikes. Softball players should develop their own strike zone and then adjust each game to what the umpire is calling. See below for the basics of a strike zone:

  • Top of Zone: Right below the chest
  • Middle Zone: Waistline/belt line
  • Bottom of Zone: Knee Caps

Tips to know:

  1. Watch where strikes have been called. More than likely that is the umpires strike zone
  2. Do not assume every umpire is the same. Some have tighter zones, while others have more open zones
  3. On a ball 4, do not call the pitch. Do not just automatically assume it is a ball 4 before the umpire says the call. More than likely if you start to take the base, he will call it a strike. Wait for him to call the pitch

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