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Presented by Dwayne Hultquist, Camp Director
Seminole High Performance Nike Tennis Camp at Florida State University

Tennis Serving Tip: The grip and the toss

Grip Toss

One of the biggest things we discuss at our camp is the serve, and the two most important pieces of it – The grip and the toss.  

Grip: Often players hold their racquet with a forehand grip for their serves. We want to focus on the continental grip (You can find this grip by holding the throat of the racquet and sliding your hand down until your fingertips reach the bottom). The closer your finger is to the bottom, the better snap of the wrist you can have, which generates the most power behind a serve.

Toss: People tend to forget about the toss, although it is one of the most important aspects and can help to have more consistent serves. Most players like to hold the ball deep in their palm, which causes them to lean forward more and “chase” the ball. The preferred handling should be with your fingertips, and the ball should be thrown up and to your right (Or left, if you are left-handed). Get both of your arms up together, snap the wrist, and follow through to create the ideal serve.

Working on the grip and toss can help you create a more consistent serve and will soon become a force of habit. Without having to think about the serve any longer, this will give you much more freedom to work on the other aspects of your game.  

For more great tips from Coach Hultquist and his amazing staff, get in on the action this summer at the Seminole High Performance Nike Tennis Camp at Florida State University!

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