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4 ways to improve your hitting

Volleyball improve hitting

Hitting is one of the most powerful and exciting aspects of volleyball and can be the difference between winning or losing. Here are 4 ways to help improve your hitting and dominate at your next volleyball game.

1. Watch where the opposing team sets up in defense

Before attacking, it is important that you try to watch where the opposing team is setting up. Planning ahead will allow you to spot where the open shots are when you are starting your movement to attack. An easy way to do this is to quickly take your eye off of the ball and look at the block and defense. Having great peripheral vision can also maximize your ability to check the defense. Your easily work on this on and off the court. The more you are able to watch the defense, the easier it will be to place the ball in open areas.

2. Make sure the ball is at correct level

Many times, when hitting, you will jump, and the ball will end up on the opposite side of your hitting shoulder. This can force you to hit a cross court or line shot. You want to make sure the ball is in front and in line with your hitting shoulder. This allows you to hit the ball with power. If you jump to soon and the ball is too far away, you will most likely hit the ball into the net. If it is behind you, the ball will go over the net, but will not have much power. A common mistake when the ball is behind you will be arching the back to get the ball back in front. While it does work sometimes, injuries can develop to the lower back. Starting further back will help make sure the ball will be in front of you.

3. Always follow through.

Following through is key to having a great hit. Make sure the arm is coming through the ball hard, and then slowing down naturally. It is very common to want to stop your arm immediately after hitting the ball.

4. Mix up your shots

Having a variety of shots will help make you become the better hitter and become less predictable to the defense. This is very important during long rallies. Try to learn how to hit roll shots, and practice hitting cut and line shots at various angles. Even working on hits with your non-dominant hand will make you a more versatile hitter, and keep the blocker guessing the next to you attack.

Keep these hitting tips in mind at your next volleyball game, and you just may spike the winning shot! Check out more helpful volleyball tips and join us next summer at a Nike Volleyball Camp!

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