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Volleyball Tips: What Are The Volleyball Positions?

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New volleyball players, parents, and coaches often question what the different positions on a volleyball team are and what their roles are. With these brief descriptions, we hope to make it easier for you to understand what the roles on a volleyball team are before you train at a Nike Volleyball Camp this winter!

Outside/Left Side Hitter: The outside attacks and blocks on the left side in the front row and plays middle back when in the back row. This player is a primary passer, the go-to hitter for setters, and will get the most sets out of all hitters.

Middle Blocker: A middle hitter attacks and blocks from the center of the front row and does not play in the back row. This player is the team’s best blockers, is a strong hitter that is hard to defend, and hits the fastest tempo sets.

Opposite/Right Side Hitter: The opposite attacks and blocks from the right side in the front row and plays right back when in the back row. This player is another great option for setters when the pass is off, acts as a backup setter, and blocks the strongest hitter on the opposite team.

Setter: The setter is often referred to as a quarterback and runs the team’s offense. This player can play the front and back row, is responsible for setting the ball to attackers, and is a quick decision maker.

Libero: The libero is a leader in defense and serve-receive. This player wears a different colored jersey, does not play in the front row, and can go in and out of the game for back row players without costing substitutions.

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