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Volleyball Tip: Jump Float Serve

Take your skills to the next level with our volleyball serving tip, and prepare for the upcoming season! Check out this video tip presented by former Head Volleyball Coach at McDaniel College, Jessica Wolverton, to perfect your jump float serve. This tip will teach you proper form and how to get the ball over the net every time!

The Set-Up: Place your right foot slightly in front of the left. Bring your left arm straight out at shoulder height and your right arm up and bent, with your elbow high.

The Execution: To perform the jump float serve, take a step with the left foot and toss the ball up in the air. Then take a quick right, left step into a jump, and meet the ball in the air with the right hand. The player’s palm should be open to get good surface area on the ball for the overhand swing. Follow through on the swing, and that’s how you perform a jump float serve!

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