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Volleyball Tip: Serving Strategies

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More advanced skills such as the overhead serve and jump serve may be taught at camp to more experienced players.

The serve is one of the most important aspects of the volleyball game! Once a player gets comfortable and develops accuracy, it’s time to serve with intention! A good server knows how to make the job of the opposing passer a lot more difficult by serving to spots on the court at different speeds and locations. If you want to gain confidence behind the line, read the four strategies listed below and attend a Nike Volleyball Position Specialty Camp!

  • Serve the ball short! A short serve will drop anywhere before or on the 10-foot line or in zones 2, 3, or 4. This serve is usually unexpected, can weaken the opponent's attack, get the team out of system, and keeps the other team guessing if the serve is going to be short or long!

  • Serve the ball between two players! In volleyball terms, we call the area between two players the “seam”. When you serve it in the seam this makes the opponents have to communicate, making it more challenging for the passers to get a good pass to the setter. Pro tip: Make sure to never serve directly at a person with this strategy.

  • Mix up your serve! When a player has to move a lot before they pass a ball, this will most likely increase their errors. Keep the opponents on their toes in serve receive by always serving to different parts of the courts and at different speeds.

  • Serve it in! Serving can be nerve-wracking and scary especially when you are new to the game of volleyball or if the game is close. Players will build confidence when there is no pressure on where to serve.

Being a strong server is important, read more volleyball tips to learn how to elevate your game and become an overall better player!

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