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Volleyball Tips: Blocking at Home (Step-Slant Block Form)

Stay active in the off season by working on your volleyball blocking skills at home using this volleyball blocking tip presented by former Head Volleyball Coach at McDaniel College, Jessica Wolverton.

Check out the video tip if you’re looking to improve your Step-Slant Block form. This will allow you to get up in the air quickly but will create more distance for you to get to a ball that is set further away.

The Set-Up: Place a piece of painter’s tape on your garage or on a surface high enough to match the height of the women’s net at 88 and 1/8 of an inch.

The Execution: Step, Slant, Block! The volleyball player should position themselves to one side of the tape and get their legs set shoulder-width apart, with their hands up in front of their eyes. Take a step to one side and then jump in a slant towards the tape to finish, then put your hands up and over the tape. Keep your hips and feet facing the “net,” so you don't waste time having to bring them back. Be sure to land softly, in order to protect your knees!

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