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Baseball - Game of Repetition

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Baseball - Game of Repetition 

"Baseball is a game of repetition.  For young kids wanting to develop as a baseball player you must put in extra work outside of camps and team practices.  I’d recommend getting a tee, whiffles, and hanging a thick blanket somewhere where you can hit or throw by yourself to work on your skills.  If you can find even 10 minutes a few days a week you’ll start noticing the results immediately. 

My other tip would be to get outside and be active.  Whiffle ball games, home run derby, and pickle are great games to play with friends that will help you develop your baseball skills.  Also, be active in any other sports you can whether it be recreational or pick-up games in your neighborhood.  The best players through high school and college are usually the best athletes.  So get outside and be active to become a better baseball player and an overall better athlete."

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