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Creating Proper Fielding Fundamentals

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Creating Proper Fielding Fundamentals 

Pitching and defense win championships.  An age old adage that is true at every level of baseball.  Understanding what it takes to become a good defender is critical.  All good defenders have one thing in common. Their feet are generally light and always moving. Having active feet will allow the body to get into the correct position to field the baseball and deliver and accurate throw to the bag.  

Many young players field the baseball flat-footed in a static position. This creates a rigid body position that will lead to a restricted glove-hand an inconsistent transfer which then leads to inaccurate throws.

Defensive Drill for Infielders

A good drill that will incorporate proper glove position while having correct foot-work is called the Active Feet Drill.

Start with glove pre-set in the position you want to field the baseball.
When the ball is hit just move your feet only with your glove hand remaining in the pre-set position.
Use your feet to get to the baseball and then field the baseball with your glove-hand extended.
Try this drill just fielding the baseball clean then incorporating a throw to finish the play.  You should finish your throw with your feet moving your body towards 1B with the minimum of two strides towards the base.

Drill Result

Creates good body rhythm and a proper address to fielding the baseball. 
Will align body to make accurate throws.

Keys to Being a Good Defender

Keep your glove-hand over your left pectoral in a straight line when fielding the baseball.
Keep your glove-hand extended.
Glove-hand must remain relaxed.
Start in a low-athletic position.
Be aggressive with intent and approach to fielding the baseball.
Field baseball and bring hands to middle of the body to create proper balance and alignment for throw.
Turn your shoulders to the base with your left shoulder and elbow as your gun-sight to make a correct throw to the base.
Make sure to find a 4-seam grip to unload baseball with correct spin and ball flight.
Follow your throw to the base with feet moving your body in-line to target for at least two strides.


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