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Field Hockey Drill to Improve Your Flicks

How to flick

Being able to accurately flick the ball throughout a field hockey game is important for passing and shooting. The drill, Basket Flick, is an easy drill to do by yourself. The more repetitions you do, the more prepared you'll be for your next Nike Field Hockey Day Camp.


  • Large bucket
  • Field hockey stick
  • Ball
  • Cone

Set up

The Basket Drill set up is simple. Set up a cone to mark where you will pass from. Place the bucket approximately 15 feet in front you to start.


Start by standing at your cone with your hockey stick and ball. Begin the drill by practicing your flicks into the bucket. Keep track of how many you make. You should always practice in sets of 10. Each round you can track if you are improving by the amount you make! As this drill gets easier, push the bucket back further.


Field hockey players who practice this skill will improve in various aspects of their game. One of the most common times the flick is used is during a penalty shot. In addition to the penalty shot, players can flick a pass when trying to get the ball over an opponents stick, or making a simple pass to another player.

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