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Field Hockey Drill to Improve Agility

Field Hockey Agility

As you prepare for your upcoming Nike Field Hockey Camp, improving you agility should be at the top of your workout routine. Many field hockey skills require athletes to be very agile. At our day field hockey camps, we train our campers through competitive drills to improve not only their stick work but their agility too!

Drill: Cone agility

Set up: Set up five cones in the shape of a diamond, place one cone in the middle.

Execution: Start the drill at the center cone. You will sprint forward around the cone in front of you. After you've sprinted around the cone, back peddle back to the farthest cone behind you and go around the cone. Once you've rounded the cone return back to the center. Side shuffle to the left cone. Go around the left cone and shuffle back tot he farthest right cone. Return back to the middle once you've gone around all four cones. Don't forget to time your self! This will allow you to track how your agility and speed and have improved.

Bonus: Do this drill while dribbling! This will make the drill more game like and help you improve your stick work while moving at a quick pace.

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