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Field Hockey Tips to Improve as a Goal Keeper

Field Hockey Goalie

Field Hockey Goalies will get the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of how to improve their game at their next field hockey summer camp!

A field hockey goal keeper is an essential player to any successful field hockey team. The goalie is the last line of defense when your team is trying to prevent your opponent from scoring. It is important as a goal keeper to improve you skills to help support your team. At our Nike Field Hockey Camps our camp directors help each camper improve their skills and become game ready for the upcoming field hockey season.

Tip #1 Hand positioning as a goalie is important. You want to have your hands in a good position high enough to block shots and be agile to move around. When diving or sliding to get shots, try to land on your slide. This way it is easier to get up for a rebound.

Tip #2 As a goalie you are the last line of defense for a team, the best way to get better at blocking shots and reacting to the ball is repetition. To improve on your blocking skills, have your teammates get some reps at shooting. This can help improve reaction time and flexibility to block shots.

Tip #3 Keeping your weight forward is vital as a goalie. Staying on the balls of your feet will help keep you agile and ready for any shot. This is also important when you are trying to save the ball by using your feet to deflect the ball.

Tip #4 Coaches love when a goalie communicates well with their teammates. Keep a positive attitude and help your teammates by talking through defensive strategies during the game. Communication is important is all sports but especially as a goalie to help lead your defense to success.

The tips above are a few ways to elevate your game as a goalie! To prepare for your next game or field hockey camp, check out more tips!

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