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Top 3 Field Hockey Skills to Know

Field Hockey Basics

Field Hockey beginners will learn the fundamentals on how to play the game!

At our Nike Field Hockey camps, we want our campers to learn the fundamentals and understand the game. It is important for players of all skill levels, especially for beginners to know the rules of the sport. As players begin to learn the sport they get a better understanding of why those rules are important. Check out a few rules below to master the sport of Field Hockey.

How to hold your stick. The most known rule in field hockey is how players hold their stick. Players can only use the flat part of their stick to hit the ball. It is important to not hold it up high because this can be dangerous to other teammates around.

Penalty Corner. Also known as a short corner. This is when a penalty is given against the defending team. Often it is awarded when there is a foul around the 23-meter area. A goalie and five defenders are allowed to stand behind their backline.

Penalty stroke. This is similar to a penalty corner but they are different. The difference is that a penalty stroke is when a foul is committed inside the 23-meter area that could have prevented a goal scoring opportunity.

To learn more rules and fundamentals of the game, check out more Field Hockey tips!

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