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Field Hockey Tips to Improve your Stick Skills

Nike Field Hockey Stick Skills

Camper working on her stick skills to prepare for her next season.

As you prepare for your upcoming Field Hockey season, improve your stick skills before you take the field. A well rounded player practices the fundamentals to improve their game. The more you can practice off the field, the better you can compete on the field! To prepare for a Nike Field Hockey Camp or your upcoming season, use the tips below to improve your stick skills!

Tip #1 First touch or “trapping” is important! A good first contact with the ball will set you up for success. You can practice by passing with a teammate or by yourself with a wall as a backboard.

Tip #2 Dribbling with the ball is key in field hockey. In order to control the ball while on the move, alternate the ball from side to side to get past your opponent!

Tip #3 A jab or poking tackle is a skill that not many use but it is important for all players to know on the field. The goal of a jab tackle is to put the opponent under pressure and force them into a space on the field. Do this by getting low and slowing down your opponent. You don't always have to jab directly at the ball, you can go next to the ball to force which direction you want the player to go.

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