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How Sleep Affects Your Performance in Field Hockey

When you are creating a plan to prepare for an upcoming field hockey season, game, or camp, what do you include in your plan? Most field hockey players would include a strength training session, conditioning workout, and skill work on their list. In addition to these workouts, the most successful field hockey players also includes a sleep schedule. At our overnight field hockey camps, our campers learn the importance of a good nights rest!

Reaction Times: Field hockey is a quick game. It requires athletes to be able to react quickly to their opponents and the ball. A full nights rest can increase the reaction time for any player and will directly benefit your performance in an intense game on the turf!

Mental Sharpness: Being mentally fit is equally as important as being physically fit. Throughout the course of a game or summer camp, field hockey players will need to be mentally sharp to push through and make great decisions on the field. If you have not had a well rested night of sleep, it will be more challenging for any athlete to stay mentally tough in challenging game situations.
Decreased Injuries:
Sleep is the simplest way for you to help your body recovery. Athletes bodies are put through extreme strain throughout the a game and it requires ample amount of recovery to continue performing at a high level. The more your body is recovered the less likely you are to over strain your body.

It is important to plan out your sleep goals so that they align with your training goals. The next time you are preparing for a big game or your next field hockey camp, make sure you have thought about the number of hours of sleep you need to be successful! Check out more field hockey tips to elevate your game.

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