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Footwork + Resistance = Explosiveness

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Footwork + Resistance = Explosiveness

"Footwork is a “key” element when playing football. If you step in the wrong direction or even over step, a few things can happen: you can miss your block, miss the tackle, over pursue, etc. To make sure your footwork is at the top of your game, short quick movements are the best and to achieve that we recommend quick ladder and cone drills. Short, powerful, quick bursts while using your arms is key. Your arms and legs are like one so the quicker your arms move, the faster your legs will want to move with them. In this year’s camps we will be implementing resistance training that will give you that explosiveness edge on your opponent."

For more great tips from Coach Timo Lunceford, come join the fun and get better this summer at California Lutheran University and Stanislaus State University!

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