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Developing from the Ground Up

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Developing from the Ground Up 

"When we look at developing our players, we look at developing them from the ground up. We start with footwork and stance work everyday in our practice. It is critical that we develop the neurological pathways for our repeated pattern movement. Once we work through our pattern movements, we adjust them with reactionary change of direction. We want players who can react throughout the course of a play quickly, and with confidence. We need our muscle groups to fire together, quickly, so that we can gain an advantage.

I encourage all prospects to create some similar drills. Patterned running with cone placement that they can do each day and can build on. We have several position specific drills that we do each and every day. By doing this as part of our daily warm up, it also triggers “the brain/psyche” that it is TIME to turn up our intensity for practice. There is comfort in the daily drill, but it is a consistent kickoff for what we are doing."

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