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Nike Lacrosse Tip: Teaching Isolation Movement (ISOs), Purposeful Overloading

Colorado Springs Girls Nike Lacrosse 3

Select 3 colors of cones for this lacrosse offensive plays. Let’s say we have 3 red, 2 blue, and 2 green. Lay them out in the 7 spots and put an offense player at each cone. Have them pass the ball around. Once it gets around one time call out a combination such as RED ONE, BLUE 2. That means one person at each red cone and two people at each blue cone. They must get there as quickly as possible and communicate so they have the right number at the cones. They also need to get the ball to a cone where there is only one person.

There will be no one on the green cones in this scenario. Once they are set correctly yell for a reset and they will go back to evenly spaced one at each cone and pass the ball around again before you yell out a new sequence. Focus on them getting there quickly and resetting quickly as well as communicating and moving the ball.

PROGRESS IT: After you call the sequence and they set up, let the players who are at a cone with just themselves work together and drive to goal getting in a pass or two on the way. Below it would be the three red players working together. Players who are more than one at a cone should move around in their area around their spots, getting used to thinking about being a distraction to their defense without getting in the way of the iso. (the players on the blue cones below)

PROGRESS IT MORE: Once they get the hang of it make it go live. Have defenders waiting in a line down low. When you call a sequence out, it releases the defense who will run out to mark the offense players. Offense can try to make cuts and get to goal as soon as they have set up in their assigned spots.

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