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Nike Lacrosse Tip: 3 Tips To Improve Your Draw Technique

Xcelerate Lacrosse Draw

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1) Wrist Strength

It is not just muscle that wins draws, but rather quick wrists and good technique. One way to improve the quickness of your wrists is practice wall ball routines with only one hand on your stick. Catching and passing the ball with one hand on your shaft will improve both wrist strength and control. This helps with the initial pull/push of the draw as well as gaining possession when the ball is in the air.

2) Boxing Out

Because the ball does not always go to the same place on the draw, it is important for everyone on the field to be in a good position to get the draw. Getting a step in front of your opposition and boxing out allows you to put yourself closer to receive the ball when it comes near you. It also creates an open space for one of your teammates to run through and pick up the ball.

3) Varying Your Placement

Draw takers have to make a decision on where they would like to place the ball when taking the draw. They can win it to themselves, send the ball down the 50 yard line, send the ball onto their offensive end, or purposely lose the ball. In order to make these decisions, you must figure out what is or isn't working on the first couple draws of the game. Once you get a feel for where the ball has been going most of the time, then it is important to communicate with your teammates and tell them where you would like them to stand so you can try to win the ball in the most efficient way possible.

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