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Nike Swim Camp Tip: 4 Tips To Improve your Start

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US Sports Camps, the operators of the Nike Swim Camps, found the following article on and think our campers will benefit from this information. By Russell Mark, National Team High Performance Consultant

Even though it’s championship season, it’s still not too late to improve your start. Here are a few easy things to keep in mind.

On the block, your “take-your-mark” position primes you for action. Four things to be mindful of:

High Hips
Eyes Looking Down
Arms Loaded
Rear Foot Behind Your Hips

The hips are the central point of your weight, and gravity will help you create the most speed upon entry if you have them as high as comfortably possible while standing on the block.

Many swimmers will tuck their head and look behind them, but this leads to a tendency of throwing the head upward too much, and can lift the body upward too much too.

The arms should be ready to pull. The elbows should be pointed back, not to out to the side.

In a track start, the rear foot should be placed just behind the location of the hips. In this position, as soon as the rear leg starts pushing off the block, your hips – and all of your weight – will start moving forward off the block.

As you come off the blocks, pull your chin and chest forward. Thrust your chin forward (but not upward). Your chin and shoulders will move past your arms and elbows. Notice that the position of the hands and elbows in the picture below. Also notice that the chin is forward, but the swimmers’ backs are at or below horizontal.

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