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Presented by Connie McHugh, Camp Director

Tennis Tip: Hydration and Match Prep Food

Issues with cramping or simply losing energy?  Connie McHugh, Director of the newest Nike Tennis Camp location at Martha’s Vineyard, shares a few great tips on proper hydration and eating before a match!  

One key challenge among tennis players is dehydration. Many players simply bring a water bottle to a match assuming this will suffice, but unfortunately this is a bad assumption and can ultimately hurt you throughout the match (and after). To properly hydrate for a tennis match, or even a practice session, you want to drink 12-16 oz. of water 1 hour before even stepping on the court.  On top of that, drink fluids often throughout the day. If you come onto the court and are thirsty during warm-up then you are likely already dehydrated.  It’s much harder to rehydrate when you’re already dehydrated. During play, drink 4-8 oz. after warm-up and between change-overs. Post-match you want to continue drinking water to replace lost electrolytes and carbohydrates as well as eat food that helps replenish the body.

What to eat on match day:
Another question that is brought up rather frequently is what snacks or meals should be eaten on match day. A suggestion for this is:  something that will settle hunger, high in carbohydrates to supply energy and medium in protein, and will be quickly digested. This meal is to be eaten (3-4) hours before a match and an example of this meal could be a turkey or grilled chicken sandwich with mustard, an apple, and a glass of water. 1-2 hours prior to playing you also want to have a snack, the snack should look something like this: fruit yogurt or banana, cup of water, and a Gatorade energy bar. These are just some tips to help get you started.

Connie McHugh has been teaching tennis for 35 years. She is USPTA pro certified since 1986, serving on the USPTA New England Board and coach of the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High school girls team, who have been conference champions each year.  She is partnering up with Nike Tennis Camps to host four weeks of junior day camp this summer along with five adult weekend clinics.  

For more great tips and a memorable camp experience, check out the Martha’s Vineyard Nike Tennis Camps this summer!  

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