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Presented by John Browning, Camp Director
Nike Tennis Camp at the Lovett School

College Tennis Recruiting Process: 9 Steps To Help You Get Recruited

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Curious about or overwhelmed by the college tennis recruiting process?

Emory University Head Men’s Tennis Coach and Director of the Nike Tennis Camp at Emory University, John Browning, provides a few great tips to help you through the process.

  1. One of the most important things when going through the recruiting process is to be up front with the coaches.
  2. Start the process in the fall of your junior year. The earlier the better, get on the coaches radar.
  3. Make a video. The video does not necessarily need to be professional quality, but it needs to reflect your ability. Edit the video, 8 min should be sufficient.
  4. When you contact the coach, make sure to email your unofficial High School transcript with your test scores.
  5. Don't get hung up on the tennis recruiting stars. Coaches do utilize the site, but, many times this site can be misleading. Coaches care more about how you do against the better players, are you competitive or are you getting blown out.
  6. Coaches want to see that you are averaging at least 2 tournaments a month and at the very least 1 a month.
  7. When you take your visit, you should consider the following:
    * Facilities – indoor and outdoor courts, location, accessibility on campus
    * Coaches schedule – how flexible is he/she for individual hitting sessions, meetings
    * Commitment level of the university – funding for the program
    * Campus life – if you got injured, would you be happy at the university anyway?
  8. While on your visit:
    * Ask the coach questions
    * Observe how the players interact with each other
    * Make sure you know what the coaches expectations are for his player
    * Be humble! You are there to observe and get to the know the team and coach, not boast about your own successes
    * If possible, schedule a hit with one of the players on the team
    * Act responsibly!
  9. After your visit:
    * Be sure to follow up with the coach
    * Discuss the admissions process with the coach
    * Make sure you are aware how many other players the coach is bringing in for  visits
    * Try to get a feel from the coach where you might fit in the line-up

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