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Presented by Mike Gardner, Camp Director
Nike Tennis Camp (Amherst) at Mount Holyoke College - All Skills Program

Tennis Tip: Prepare for the Outdoor Tennis Season

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As temperatures climb and we move closer to summer, many of us will move from indoor tennis back to the outdoors.  Mike Gardner, 40-year veteran Nike Tennis Camps director, stresses the importance of footwork and fitness as we prepare for the outdoor season.  

“Outdoor tennis means added elements – the wind, the sun, and many times, slower courts.  Good footwork and overall fitness are key.  With the potential of swirling wind and slower courts in general, it’s important to focus on taking smaller steps so that you are able to adapt your positioning when hitting the ball.  The sun can also be a factor when playing outdoors, so it’s important to get used to playing in the heat, staying hydrated and building endurance for longer matches."
For more great tips from Coach Gardner and his amazing staff, come join the fun and get better this summer at Amherst College or Williams College!  #serving4summer

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